Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Want it Wednesday: headbands!

This latest and greatest throw-back accessory is getting me really excited! I want a headband! Not just for little girls anymore, these things are classy, sleek, elegant, and some are truly works of art!

My good friend Heather was sporting one the other day and I immediately had two reactions. "WOW! that is so cute!" and then to myself I added, "YAY! Headbands are back!" Then I started looking around and found some really cool ones at Nordstrom. 

I have also found a few at But to be honest I was disappointed. I thought the crew would be all over this trend. 

I haven't bought one yet. I can't decide on one. And I'm going to need some affirmation that I don't look like a 5 year old or like Mischa Barton. But this is most definitely on my Want It list. 


So what do we say? Do we like this new thing? Are you sporting headbands? 

There are tons to choose from. I also think they have so much potential! What a great Christmas gift for a friend! What a great way to spice up your holiday attire! Just think it's another place you can wear jewelry now.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

JCrew is an EPIC Mess!

I am so disappointed.

JCrew and I go way back. I remember my first shirt from there. It was a dark peachy and light peachy colored big horizontal stripe rugby shirt with 3/4 length sleeves. Oh, how I loved that shirt. My roommate had the same one. We both adore JCrew....well, adored.

Fast forward to the near present. I still love JCrew. Even though their style has changed, and my style too for that matter, we can still meet eye to eye on a few key pieces, except for of course, price. Over the years their clothes got fancier and prices got steeper. And my visits got fewer and far between. But after having two babies in two and a half years and finally getting back to normal, I thought I had a good excuse to go get a few new things. And with the help of a sweet mom, I had the backing of a giftcard!

So, I enlisted the help of one of their complimentary personal shoppers. Rebecca was her name and she was wonderful. She still calls, and writes and calls and lets me know of anything going on that I might be interested in. Right now I feel like shaking my finger in her face, but my rage is not with her, she doesn't make the clothes after all.

I came home with a good size load of new stuff. I had a pair of matchstick jeans, 4-5 of their cute T-shirts with something random on the front, 2 sweaters, 1 embellished tank top, a belt, and a few other things.

One of the shirts I loved was a white t-shirt with some colorful dyed ribbons off set on the side of the v-neck. I loved this shirt. I wore it and wore it and wore it until finally the thing had to be washed. I followed the instructions to a T. And those cute ribbons bled all over my shirt. Of course they took it back, even admitted it wasn't the first to be returned, but that's not the point. I wanted that shirt!

Next up, the jeans. These weren't your everyday jeans. I wore them a couple of times one of them being on Mothers Day. After lunch, we took the boys to play at a bookstore and as I was bending over to pick up my 1 year old, rrrrrrrriiiiiipppppp! (Insert bright red face) You have got to be kidding me. I hightailed it to the bathroom and put my sweater around my waist and left for home immediately.

Again, they of course took them back, they hadn't even been washed yet. When I returned them I was so hoping Rebecca the personal shopper would be working so she could stand on the register and yell, "ALTHOUGH THIS GIRLS JEANS RIPPED IN THE CROTCH, I AM HERE TO BEAR WITNESS THAT SHE WAS NOT TOO FAT FOR THEM."
Which is of course, what I am sure they were thinking. (I promise they weren't, I'd tell you if so, I have no shame.)

So I got a new pair and didn't wear them out of fear, for a few good months. Which brings us to girls night two weeks ago where I wore my new pair of JCrew matchstick jeans for maybe the 5th time since I exchanged them the day after the Mother's Day incident. Now wearing my new jeans I make a visit to the ladies and look down to see that the button has all but ripped out of where it was sewn in. WHAT!!?!?!?

It was at that point I decided to write this blog. Despite all my love for JCrew, the quality of their clothes is extremely poor. Other than the beloved white t-shirt and matchstick jeans, I also had a burnt orange tank top with ribbon embellishments that came detached the first time I wore it. I have another white t-shirt with little t-shirt material flowers on the side which a few have fallen off, and I fear for it's life every time I wash it.

All of the t-shirts are so thin, I had to buy XS when I usually wear a M, because they stretch out so badly after the first hour of wearing them. And then they have to be ever so delicately hand washed. Which just seems like a bit too much trouble for a damn t-shirt. Am I wrong?

I will be writing a letter, via snail mail, email and maybe even courier pigeon or Harry Potter's Owl. Otherwise how will they know, right? I will also be taking back the jeans, YET AGAIN, and the orange tank top and see what they say. I will let you know how all this turns out, but for now

JCrew is a big, horrible, stinky MESS!

I still love my JCrew style, but I haven't bought anything else purely out of fear it won't hold up. Because if I did, and it didn't...  I may just have to...oh... I don't know.....go hold up signs outside of the store? Ok, maybe not. :-)

Good Luck!