Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Want it Wednesday: An Epiphanie! (camera bag)

I like to take pictures. I also have a very girlish obsession with bags.

I'm such a stereotype in this department. But once I show you this, if you have a DSLR camera, and you are a girl, you will want one too. Trust me. (If you don't know what a DSLR camera is you'll probably go find one just so you can have this bag.)

Introducing the Epiphanie Camera Bags. They are super cute.


There's Ginger, Lola, Clover, Paris, and Belle. They each come in a variety of colors. And they are all stunning. Most of the bags will run you about $165, but Clover and Paris are $185.


I don't think that's very mean bad in the bag world in terms of price. You could totally justify this. Just look at the inside of these beauties!

(Lola inside) 

Here is the website:  These would make a wonderful Christmas present for any camera loving gal, but hurry because I see on their new flashy-yet-a-little-much website that Clover and Paris are already on backorder.

And you know, now that I think about it, you don't even have to have a DSLR camera to have one of these. You could use it for half camera half purse. You could stick your video camera and camera in there. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy! I would love to hear if anyone dives into one of these. I need to hear how it functions! It has to be fabulous, right? It just has to be. :-)

Off to find my next want......

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stirrups are for saddles not pants.

I've seen them a few places now and I don't like it. It's just not right. I mean, what's next shoulder pads? Yeah, I know, I've seen a few of those too.

So let's break this down...

Our Special MOI secret spy cameras went under cover at our local nationwide retailer. (think blue square, three letters) This is what our secret operative found...


Wow. Eesh.

The only way I can see supporting the stirrup comeback is if you go the route of "I'm wearing boots so you can't really tell they are stirrups." But this is just wrong.

And to make things worse...

Look it's jeans! No wait, they are stirrups....and jeans. Are these jerrups? steans? Ick. I can't look...

I know, I am no fashionista, believe me. And if you have a different opinion please let me know. I'm more than able to jump on board...maybe. I was once a flaming protester for capri pants. Ahhh those were the days!

But for now... These are just a MESS!!!

(to me) :-) 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Want It Wednesday: Hobo International Lauren Wallet

Wednesdays are going to be my days for things I want but don't have. So here goes the very first Want It Wednesday:

I was at dinner the other night and when it came time to pay both of the gals I was with whips out one of these!

My immediate thought was... if you both have these it must be good, and why don't I know about them!?

So now it's my latest want.

It's perfect for my needs. Plenty of space for cards, cash, and a check book. There's even a nice zippered part for receipts or anything like that. I can toss it in my bag with the diapers and wipes and when it's time for mommy alone time, I can whip it out, fit lipstick and my phone in the side and it's a nice clutch. VOILA!

They come in a wide variety of colors and leathers and retail cost is $100. I have heard you can catch them in the off season colors and get a good break.

I go and visit my future wallet from time to time and the lady at Nordstrom said they are extremely popular and they often have trouble keeping them in stock. I have also seen them at Belk and online at many places like and

One day if I get one of these I'll use it and give an updated review. Or if you have one and would like to make a MESS or IMPRESSED call. Feel free to let us know!


Monday, October 18, 2010

my mission

So I guess I've neglected this long enough. I really like this concept. But I have one blog already and two kids, and little free time.

But I WANT to do this so I'm giving it that old college try...again.

I'm going to review things. And by things, I mean all things. I have no limits. Products, websites, theories of intelligence, books, people....I'm on it.

Have something you think would be great? Please let me know at

Oh and FEEDBACK! That's what this is about. I can't wait to hear what YOU think of this stuff too.

So here we go!