Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Want it Wednesday: An Epiphanie! (camera bag)

I like to take pictures. I also have a very girlish obsession with bags.

I'm such a stereotype in this department. But once I show you this, if you have a DSLR camera, and you are a girl, you will want one too. Trust me. (If you don't know what a DSLR camera is you'll probably go find one just so you can have this bag.)

Introducing the Epiphanie Camera Bags. They are super cute.


There's Ginger, Lola, Clover, Paris, and Belle. They each come in a variety of colors. And they are all stunning. Most of the bags will run you about $165, but Clover and Paris are $185.


I don't think that's very mean bad in the bag world in terms of price. You could totally justify this. Just look at the inside of these beauties!

(Lola inside) 

Here is the website:  These would make a wonderful Christmas present for any camera loving gal, but hurry because I see on their new flashy-yet-a-little-much website that Clover and Paris are already on backorder.

And you know, now that I think about it, you don't even have to have a DSLR camera to have one of these. You could use it for half camera half purse. You could stick your video camera and camera in there. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy! I would love to hear if anyone dives into one of these. I need to hear how it functions! It has to be fabulous, right? It just has to be. :-)

Off to find my next want......


  1. Ok, now I have yet one more reason to learn how to use one of those darn DSLXYZ cameras! Too cute!

  2. If only I could fit diapers and wipes in there too, I'd be sold!

  3. OMG- I had NO idea you even had this blog. I love it!! and the photos! I am SO going to get one of these bags- yay!! I was also just going to write a fb posting "Jcrew why are you SO expensive now?!" I think they have gotten out of hand and I agree about the quality. instead i just buy gap. especially when you have kids messing up your clothes on a daily basis.