Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stirrups are for saddles not pants.

I've seen them a few places now and I don't like it. It's just not right. I mean, what's next shoulder pads? Yeah, I know, I've seen a few of those too.

So let's break this down...

Our Special MOI secret spy cameras went under cover at our local nationwide retailer. (think blue square, three letters) This is what our secret operative found...


Wow. Eesh.

The only way I can see supporting the stirrup comeback is if you go the route of "I'm wearing boots so you can't really tell they are stirrups." But this is just wrong.

And to make things worse...

Look it's jeans! No wait, they are stirrups....and jeans. Are these jerrups? steans? Ick. I can't look...

I know, I am no fashionista, believe me. And if you have a different opinion please let me know. I'm more than able to jump on board...maybe. I was once a flaming protester for capri pants. Ahhh those were the days!

But for now... These are just a MESS!!!

(to me) :-) 

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  1. OK, so I will admit that I finally submitted to the skinny jean trend...but I am NOT sinking this low! Same with body-suits, you know, those things that look like "onsies" for grown-ups...saw them in Vic's Secret recently...gross!